Cable IP Migration

Deploy a solution that allows you to provide compelling multi-screen services on your existing cable network today, with devices that are compatible with the IP networks of tomorrow.

The global Cable TV industry is extremely diverse, with market dynamics varying broadly from one geography to another. Yet, there is one consistent theme anywhere you go: cable operators have long been burdened with proprietary systems, legacy platforms, and suppliers who have been slow to innovate.

We know the future of television delivery: it is all IP and all on demand. Consumers want to watch their favorite programs on tablets, smartphones and other connected devices in addition to their TVs. They want to access their favorite apps and content on the same device they use for TV. Service providers don’t want to tie up capital in receivers and recorders at every TV in the home. IP delivery answers these needs for both service providers and consumers.
The migration to universal IP networks represents a clear opportunity for cable operators to benefit from open networks, improved bandwidth efficiency, advanced video services, and greater opportunities to work with innovative suppliers. The challenge is to manage the migration to IP in a way that harnesses these benefits while practically managing the installed based of proprietary, legacy systems.

With a focus on hybrid and IPTV deployments, we have enabled global CATV service providers to successfully migrate from proprietary legacy platforms to advanced IP video services. Today’s industry dynamics and evolving consumer behavior present both challenges and opportunities for next generation cable service providers.

Are you ready for what’s next?


  • Hybrid TV – content delivered from both the legacy cable network and also from Internet media services
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – support for operator-provisioned STBs as well as consumer-purchased viewing platforms such as tablets and IP streamers
  • Legacy Platform – does not require major upgrades to network plant to support advanced Hybrid TV and BYOD services
  • Cloud TV Foundation – platform that provides a turn-key switch to a Cloud TV service delivery

We offer a range of hybrid TV devices that are pre-integrated with market leading DRM and middleware systems to enable you to quickly deploy hybrid services.