Android TV

'From operator tier to operator ready'

Getting ready for Operator Tier Android TV

Android TV is the fastest growing pay TV environment globally with rapid operator take-up driving adoption and deployment.

To drive the market, Google has created Operator Tier Android TV to provide vital control and flexibility to increase attractiveness to operators, who find the rich premium content and multiscreen proposition helps reduce churn, boost NPS scores and increase premium subscriptions.

For Android TV to be truly ‘operator ready’ there needs to be additional specialist backend support to upgrade and integrate multiscreen and traditional pay TV functions. The integration extends to key capabilities like making self-install dependable and reliable with remote management software and customer service modules to create first call resolution if an issue arises.

The system also needs to be delivering detailed analytics to better understand how the services and content are being consumed by your users; deliver reliable and cost effective ‘over the air’ software and firmware upgrades and updates to both STBS and DVR.

In summary, to be able to fully exploit Android TV the Operator needs to go beyond the capabilities provided ‘Out of the Box’ by Google. Amino has a specialist package of skills and capability to meet this requirement.

Operator requirements

We help operators to:

  • Speed time to market with a modern multiscreen service with a powerful content offering that fully exploits the Android TV and wider Google assistant features.
  • Leverage existing investments in live TV delivery by upcycling and upgrading systems to be multiscreen capable through effective integrations between the operator’s service delivery platform and ‘Operator Tier’ Android TV to deliver a single great user experience for their subscribers.
  • Deploy an effective self-install capability along with an industry leading to reduced deployment friction, low cost subscriber provisioning and a monitoring and support capability that leads to improved NPS scores.
  • Create a data platform that helps build a complete picture of user and platform behaviour and performance. The data will help shape consumer services and road map investment.
  • Retain flexibility in choice over hardware platforms creating operational and commercial benefits.

Amino offers an end-to-end solution that meets these requirements

Our feature-rich ‘Operator Ready’ solution enables operators to:

  • Use Amino’s upcycling methodology to extend or upgrade existing CPE and systems to be multiscreen ready.
  • Deploy Operator Tier Android TV providing access to the Google Play store with access to more than 150 premium OTT video services.
  • Deploy with industry leading self-install helping to optimise wifi connectivity, language selection and the pairing of remote controls.
  • Use Amino’s AminoOS a full suite of service assurance tools to improve network management and drive down deployment costs.
  • AminoOS also allows a complete data platform and model of user behaviour and service performance.
  • Customise using Amino TV or 3rd party user experience engines the front-end user experience, service branding and advanced user experience functions like voice control, search and content recommendations.
  • Integrate existing TV services with multiscreen delivery and apps providing traditional pay TV services delivering key additional pay TV functionality – including multicast support, DVR, CableCard support for legacy CAS, Verimatrix Ultra, EAS and closed captioning.
  • Amino is hardware agnostic, the system is Android device flexible in a choice of Amino Series 7 STB’s or third party devices creates maximum flexibility and cost control.

Powerful commercial benefits which deliver competitive advantage

  • Protect OPEX and CAPEX budgets by upcycling existing CPE and systems.
  • Improve ARPU buy enriching service proposition with a powerful multiscreen and Premium OTT service offering.
  • Improve NPS scores through service reliability, monitoring and industry leading self-install user experience.
  • Create an essential data picture of user and platform behaviour and performance helping to support decision making on service offerings and road map investment.
  • lower total cost of ownership on platform through Android TV and hardware flexibility.
  • Hassle free integration creating a powerful integrated and supported service offering for users - improving customer satisfaction and further improving NPS scores.

Simply put we put the Operator back in control!