Case Study - Delta



DELTA is a long-established company with deep roots in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, providing a range of green energy, broadband and entertainment services to local communities. In August 2017, the company announced plans to switch off all analogue TV and radio services and introduce a new IPTV service alongside its existing cable TV to provide a new range of multiscreen experiences to its customers.

DELTA operates in a highly competitive market where both established operators and new entrants are competing for customer loyalty. To stay ahead and maintain their competitive advantage, management set out a clear strategy to deliver the kind of multiscreen entertainment experience consumers demand by transitioning to IP-based delivery via a feature-rich interactive platform.

The challenge:

The key challenge was to develop an interactive TV platform capable of delivering a modern user experience, an updated and extended content offering, and the flexibility to integrate with other technology providers.

DELTA wanted to provide additional live, on-demand and OTT content and applications – to any screen, anywhere at any time – and a clear path to 4K UHD delivery. This new strategy, along with the decision to switch off all analogue TV services, had a clear goal of not only retaining existing customers but also to grow the subscriber base.

Cost control was an important factor in order to achieve the required TCO and ROI. Amino held workshops with Delta to gain a deep understanding of their existing deployed systems and develop a solution which leveraged as much of this as possible without limiting the features of the new deployment. Amino’s approach and skills in this process were instrumental in the selection of the AminoTV platform.

The Solution:

DELTA had already worked with Amino to provide a “TV everywhere” solution for mobile and tablet viewing via its AminoTV video delivery platform. The Amino team formed a close consultative working relationship with their counterparts in DELTA and wider ecosystem partners to develop a structured and planned deployment cycle.

It was agreed that DELTA would deploy the AminoTV complete end-to-end TV delivery platform to offer a multi-screen TV service to screens both inside and outside the home, including to the latest Amino devices. This would enable DELTA to meet their desired outcome with a fresh offering of over 140 live TV channels, personal video recording, catch-up, video-on-demand, OTT applications and advanced recommendations – all delivered over IP.

Amino used its specialist IPTV STB experience to include an intelligent self-install wizard embedded in the device. The wizard helps optimise Wi-Fi connectivity, language selection and the pairing of remote controls. This created an industry leading, user-friendly set up process that delights customers, helping to create strong NPS scores. The 90%+ self-install rate also saves DELTA budget allocated to provision the customer, with an estimated multi-million euro reduction in truck roll costs allowing DELTA to achieve an ROI with Amino in less than 12 months.

Further improvements were also achieved as DELTA deployed AminoOS, Amino’s Service Assurance Platform. AminoOS provides a comprehensive suite of management tools to enable operators to proactively support and improve quality of service across the network. Using the platform’s ENSIGHT capabilities enable customer support operatives to “see what your customer sees” providing front-line staff the keys to provide a quick resolution. Effectively, they can see and control the customer’s screen in real-time during a call, meaning faster resolution and greater customer satisfaction.

The Outcome:

From inception to successful service launch in January 2018, the whole project took nine months and will pay back itself in the first 12 months of deployment. DELTA has seen a higher than expected service take-up from customers and is now in a new planning phase with Amino to add further service developments and enhancements to the platform. DELTA has also benefited from OPEX and CAPEX improvements and is experiencing a >90% selfinstall rate for the new service prompting further savings. This has all helped provide DELTA with an industry leading NPS score of >10.

Delivering a self-install multiscreen entertainment platform with excellent content offerings

  • Achieves higher than expected
    subscriber acquisitions with
    improved offering
  • DELTA achieves ROI <12 months from
    customer provisioning savings
    • Implemented project in <9 months
    providing quick time to market
  • Self Install Wizard delivers >90%
    self-install rate saving on truck
    roll costs
  • Created industry best practise NPS
    scores of >10 in first month
    of deployment

“DELTA is pleased with the
knowledge and expertise
of Amino and the way they
have developed our new
interactive TV platform. With
this offer, our customers
have all the freedom and
endless possibilities to watch
TV wherever and whenever
they want. With the latest
on-demand capabilities, our
customers get a TV platform
that excels in user-friendliness
and delivers a highlypersonalized
– DELTA’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Karl Heinz van der Made