Truly Agile Devices key to meeting consumer expectations moving forward: an Amino Manifesto

SVP Marketing Jamie Mackinlay offers the first in a series of manifestos staking the Amino position on key strategic imperatives ahead of NAB Show 2019

Listening to what our customers and others in the industry are telling us is critical to our evolution as a technology solutions provider that effectively addresses the trends and imperatives of the modern TV marketplace. We then also draw on our two-decades-plus experience as an IPTV pioneer to understand and act on what pay TV operators need today and moving forward. As part of that process, we are publishing a series of three manifestos signaling what we see as the most important areas of strategic development for pay-TV operators aiming to deliver modern TV experiences.

The first of these is the Amino Manifesto on Agile Devices. It has become clear that the set-top box (STB) remains central to the modern TV experience but that these devices must offer the agility necessary for operators to adjust as and when the market evolves – whether that has to do with changing consumer habits, new technological developments or market pressures. At Amino, we very much ‘Believe in the Box’. And when we talk about the box – i.e. the STB – we mean an agile device that enables the business, technological, operational and financial flexibility essential for TV operators to thrive and survive today. Here then is how we see the agile device:

Amino Manifesto on Agile Devices

The set-top box is not just a box. The way to achieve true agility is to recognize that the set-top box is part of a total technology solution that incorporates the device itself along with software – and often virtualization too. This recognition is core to the Amino approach. It is the software that really makes devices agile – adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace. And the importance of having the flexibility to optimize the STB – which sits at the center of the modern TV experience – is only increasing as subscribers in markets across the globe are demanding more from service providers. The wish list is extensive: multiscreen capabilities, video on demand, access to 4K (and in future 8K) content and the latest apps – all within slicker and more accessible user interfaces. Operators need to find a way to meet these demands, or they risk shedding customers.

Smart operators see the challenge of rising consumer expectations as an opportunity. Agility is crucial for operators aiming to get ahead of the curve by meeting the expectations of today’s consumers, thus gaining an advantage on competitors. In Amino’s view, meeting this challenge requires devices that offer the agility to easily integrate with the ecosystem technologies available today and those yet to emerge. Amino is committed to devices that provide the flexibility to deliver the next generation services defined by operators, whether that is an advanced, unified interface across multiple screens or simplifying deployments in the home. The key is to find cost-effective ways to fulfill changing consumer demands.

Most options for tackling legacy device challenges are hampered by a lack of business agility that comes with a major cost. Do nothing and you run the risk of continually losing customers to competitors with more advanced offerings. The traditional models to ‘cap and maintain’ or ‘rip and replace’ are cost prohibitive. They require not just new devices but truck rolls, service support after install, software upgrades and hours of employee or consultant time spent on integration, Amino provides new business agility in a TCO-friendly, software-centric approach to update legacy investments and keep new investments relevant. We ‘upcycle’ legacy devices with software that leverages virtualization, enables advanced features such as digital video recorder, catch-up TV, video on demand and search – while keeping new capital investment and operating expenses under control. Amino customers are already enjoying cost savings of up to 80%, subscriber growth in excess of 200% with deployment times cut to a quarter of the normal roll-out period.

Operators require flexibility in sourcing devices – achieving commercial agility is critical to maximizing their operations. Giving operators the ability to deploy modern user experiences to their subscribers, in a cost-effective model, is the driver for delivering AminoOS to Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs). By deploying a certified device platform software, such as AminoOS, in their set-top boxes, ODMs provide operators in price-sensitive regions more options for adopting advanced services.

AminoOS is a game-changer – providing unprecedented operational agility in its delivery of a centralized service assurance platform, simplifying device management and customer support. AminoOS Engage empowers operators to reduce operational costs by quickly resolving subscriber issues and decreasing truck rolls. They have visibility to assess devices and remotely manage updates to software and firmware, taking the pain out of adding and managing innovative services.

Amino is paving the way for ongoing growth in an all IP/cloud world. To learn more about device agility and how Amino can help in this area, you can visit our team during NAB Show 2019 at the Wynn/Encore Hospitality Suites – Wynn Salon B, April 6th to 11th in Las Vegas. To book an appointment, just email us at