Amino heads back to the future at IBC – an all-IP future powered by innovative technology solutions

Ahead of this year’s show, Amino CEO Donald McGarva looks at how the business is evolving and what visitors to the company’s stand can expect to talk about and see

Not many people know that originally Amino started as a pure software company more than two decades ago, when pay-TV operators were just beginning to plan for the possibility of an all-IP future. The reason we started to make devices was that clients began to ask if we could build the hardware to go along with our pioneering IPTV software. Our advanced software stack then became seamlessly integrated with Amino devices – and, until recently, our own secret sauce.

But as the world has changed to an IP-driven, TV Everywhere landscape, so has the way we approach the market. Increasingly, operators have asked if we can deploy our innovative software to help them meet the needs of today’s connected consumers, regardless of the mix of third-party devices and systems they are already using. Fast forward to today and we now offer end-to-end content delivery through our media and entertainment technology solutions – providing whatever operators need, working with whomever else they deal with – in order to enable smarter, more cost-effective ways of offering modern TV experiences.

At IBC 2018, we are showcasing our ability to take action to create and deploy innovative technology solutions for TV operators, and to provide advice based on more than 20 years of industry-leading expertise in IP innovation. We are now hardware agnostic, giving operators more options, as we work with third-party vendors to source the right solution mix for every client and manage a smooth, integrated deployment that works for each. The result is a competitive advantage, empowering TV and video providers to offer their subscribers the apps they want, the multiscreen capability they expect, and the advanced UX they demand. In turn, this delivers overall excellent customer experience that builds loyalty, stems churn, wins new subscribers and boosts revenues.

Amino today is all about providing the technology solutions operators need to meet the changing TV landscape. Visitors to our stand at IBC (#14.D26 in the ‘Content Everywhere Hub’) will see and learn more about the three critical areas in which we are innovating:

  • AminoTV, our new multiscreen video platform, is designed for customer segmentation – delivering modern user experiences and driving control and competitiveness via its modular end-to-end capability. This enables operators to segment their customer base and deliver the video solution that best meets their different needs and expectations, depending on their circumstances and commercial potential.
  • AminoOS, encompasses our software solutions for deploying and managing connected devices to power both Linux and Android devices. Hardware agnostic, this software suite can be deployed across both new and – via upcycling – legacy devices to enable an easy-to-use management environment, while enhancing customer service and reducing costs via cloud-based service assurance and monitoring capability.
  • AminoVU is our IPTV and Android TV device portfolio with market-proven performance and reliability. We can help operators to meet diverse challenges and service a broad range of market segments, based on the know-how gathered through the deployment of over 10 million devices by over 250 operators across 100-plus countries worldwide.

Anyone visiting our stand at the show will be able to talk through their specific challenges and look at how they can effectively deploy these innovative technology solutions to address them. We can show how our advanced technologies can be cohesively integrated with third-party and ‘upcycled’ legacy systems, how to enable rapid deployment of multiscreen services, and how Amino can deliver ‘operator ready’ Android TV.

We will highlight all the ways we are supporting operators’ ability to provide the advanced features and functionality modern consumers are looking for in an anywhere, anytime, multidevice entertainment world. We understand what operators need to do to evolve their business and will show how they can gain an advantage with the right technology.

Offering differentiated, modern and flexible services is a critical aim for any pay-TV operator in today’s complex market, where service providers battle not just direct rivals but a variety of streaming device providers and OTT video services riding the cord-cutting trend. It has become vital for operators to be able to play it smart and deliver breakthrough viewing experiences that give them a competitive edge in this challenging TV landscape.

The promise of an all IP/cloud future is rapidly becoming a reality and we’re looking forward to sharing our vision of how operators can leverage that opportunity at this year’s IBC. See you there!

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