Amino Upcycling Overview - Improve Set-top Box TCO

Amino’s Upcycling solution gives operators a cost effective solution for updating their set-top box middleware. Upcycling transforms an operator’s total cost of ownership.

Amino - who we are and what we do

Smarter more cost-effective ways of delivering modern TV experiences.
Our propositions and portfolio in under two minutes.

Amino at ANGA 2018 - talking ‘Operator Ready’ Android TV

Our CTO Mark Evensen talks to Broadband TV News’ Julian Clover about our unique ‘Operator Ready’ approach to Android TV and how we’re using our software solutions to help operators deliver great new TV experiences

Amino at 2018 NAB Show - Android TV Operators Panel

Talking about Android TV’s potential is one thing, putting it into practice is another. At the 2018 NAB Show, Ville Partenen of DNA and Emily Schierberg of Cincinatti Bell tell us in this exclusive session how working with Amino to deploy Android has driven their business forward.

Amino at 2018 NAB Show - Android TV Industry Experts Panel

How can operators leverage Android TV for service success? If you didn’t get the chance to attend the 2018 NAB Show, check out this full expert panel discussing the opportunities of the operator-ready Android TV platform for service providers, featuring Amino, Google, Think Analytics and Pluto TV. Moderated by Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia.

Interview with Ville Partenen of DNA at 2018 NAB Show

What are the functional benefits of deploying Android TV? Ville Partenen of DNA explains in this exclusive interview with Colin Dixon of nScreen Media, why Android was an easy decision for the operator, bringing together the content and apps that customers were already watching, into one unified platform.

Interview with Emily Schierberg of Cincinnati Bell at 2018 NAB Show

How can smaller pay-TV companies leverage Android to grow their subscriber base and simultaneously deliver next-generation services? Following our NAB expert panel, and Emily Schierberg of Cincinatti Bell spoke with Colin Dixon, nScreen Media to discuss just that.