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Booxmedia provides a full suite of cloud-TV technology as a service, enabling broadcasters, multi-play operators and copyright owners to launch end-to-end TV services within weeks and with zero hardware investments. The solution encompasses everything needed to deliver a robust internet TV experience; media capture, encoding, transcoding, storage, delivery. Booxmedia offers features like live-TV streaming, download, video-on-demand, catch-up and network PVR and provides ready-to-deploy award-winning consumer apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as browser interface and smart-TV widgets.

Launch Your Internet-TV with Zero Investment

You have the content, we handle the rest. From your media library or DVB feed, Booxmedia enables you to launch an end-to-end white-label IPTV or VoD service including smartphone clients in a matter of weeks. The solution can be offered either as a service, with zero hardware investment required on your side, or as a hosted solution in your premises with your own off-the shelf standard computing hardware. We provide the tools that enable you to support all business and payment models, whether single license purchase or user-based monthly subscriptions or, in case of advertisement model, we enable insertion of relevant and targeted ads into your media streams. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland – Booxmedia serves broadcasters, media production companies, copyright owners, pay-TV providers and mobile operators globally. In May 2015, Booxmedia was acquired by Amino Technologies plc, the IPTV solutions provider.

We are very pleased to utilize Booxmedia’s proven TV Everywhere solution in our offering.

Mikko Saarentaus, Director of TV services at DNA

A Complete Cloud-TV Technology Solution

Booxmedia provides a 100% software-based cloud-TV suite for all consumption use-cases (streaming, download, catch-up, video on demand, personal video recording). Viewers can enjoy the services via smartphones and tablets (running iOS, Android, or Windows Phone), smart-TVs and game consoles, as well as with computers or any browser-enabled device. Booxmedia provides an innovative, patented remote control solution, Booxmote™, for rendering TV content from the cloud into any connected screen. Booxmedia cloud-TV solution platform can be provided as a service, or hosted in the customer premises.

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About us

We're a seasoned, customer-driven team.

Executive Team


Jukka Sintonen


Jukka is an entrepreneur with wide experience in mobile software and services. Jukka has built a track record in market & business development, product management, strategic alliances and in the go-to-market area with his own consultancy company and during nine years at Nokia. Jukka has also worked as the Country Manager of a large Finnish telco business unit in UK, and lived 5 years in Australia creating software solutions for corporate clients. Jukka holds an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics (1999) and Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Helsinki University of Applied Sciences (1989).


Jose Costa-Requena


Dr. Jose Costa-Requena received his Doctor of Technology degree from Aalto University on the field of networking. Jose has worked for more than 10 years concurrently both at Aalto University and at Nokia. He has gained experience in managing the development of complex end-to-end systems and large multi-site projects with 100s of developers. Jose was part of Nokia patent board for several years and holds 15+ granted patents and 40+ filed applications in the area of local area networks and mobile networks and received award of top 3 inventor of the year. Jose has published several journals and articles in the field of computer networking.

Jose is an enthusiast of speed, adventures and traveling but recently he has been changing the hobbies towards playing with lego blocks and taking care of the kids. He loves the booxmote-feature where he can manage from the mobile the cartoon recordings that kids can watch then on the big Samsung TV-screen.


Jaakko Ollila

VP of Int’l Sales

Jaakko brings to the team 10+ years of technology sales, development and product management expertise. Prior to joining booxmedia, Jaakko worked for Nokia Corp in delivery of location-based services, messaging and business productivity applications onto Nokia smartphones, based in Espoo Finland and White Plains, New York, USA. Prior to Nokia, Jaakko was a Co-Founder and General Manager of US operations of CRF Health, a leading e-Clinical solutions provider for the global pharmaceutical industry. Outside his professional duties, Jaakko is a sports enthusiast – focusing on tennis, golf, running and basketball. He follows his favourite teams wherever he goes, the latest games are readily available via Booxmedia cloudTV service.


Tomi Myllylä

Chief Operating Officer

Tomi received a Master of Science degree from the department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics in HUT (2006) where he studied applied mathematics and business strategy. He has over 10 years of experience from telecommunications industry from research, project management, and product management positions. Tomi has wide experience in creating new products and services related to information technology, and he has filed or contributed to 8 patent applications. In his free time, Tomi likes all kinds of sports including running, gym, and cycling, and he also likes to travel to far destinations and enjoys the recorded shows via booxTV wherever he goes!


Board of Directors

Jukka Sintonen, CEO Booxmedia

Jose Costa-Requena, CTO Booxmedia

Donald McGarva, CEO Amino Technologies

Julia Hubbard, CFO Amino Technologies

Contact us

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